What Flowers To Gift To A Friend?

What Flowers To Gift To A Friend?

Friday, Jul 19, 2019 2 comment(s)

What Flowers To Gift To A Friend

So you’re planning to gift your friend a bundle of flowers but don’t know which one to give? Having little knowledge about flowers can make it quite difficult for you to choose the type of flowers for your friend as you don’t want them to you’re about to gift your friend because you don’t want them to take its meaning in a wrong way. To enlighten you with some knowledge about particular flowers, we’re going to share this mini guide by Telefleuriste, a flower delivery company, where we explain the best tips to get the right gift for a friend.

On many occasions, we associate sending flowers at home with feelings of love and affection. It is true that men are accustomed to giving flowers to their girlfriends, brides, and wives on their wedding anniversary or engagement, or on birthday to show how much they love them and remember them. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot send flowers to other people. Even men, although they don’t like to accept it in front of their friends, like to receive flowers and bouquets. 

So, what flowers to give to a friend?

Flowers are ideal to cherish any moment. For example, to congratulate, to send our friends celebrating happy moments or to show our support when they don’t go through a good time. If one of your friends is overwhelmed, worried, or sad about something, nothing can make them happier than to receive a pleasant surprise of flowers at home via flower delivery. Especially if you’re far away and can’t see each other more often. This way you’ll know that you remember her despite the distance. Apart from being a really nice surprise, you‘ll be able to tell them how much you care and that you’re there for the good and the bad. 

Since we are all different, giving something unique – that has to do with the personality of your friend – is a gesture that will always be well received. Think of the unique characteristics of the people you love and gift them a flower according to that. 

What Flowers to give to a friend?

Red roses are the most ideal and classic bouquet for your loved one. When gifting flowers to a friend, many doubts can arise. The shape and the color of the flowers can convey different feelings and sensations, so it’s essential to take that into consideration before choosing the bouquet. 

Avoid red roses

As you know, red roses symbolize romantic love between couples, it’s not advised to gift them to your friends. However, if you’re still an ardent lover of roses and wish to give roses, you can opt for a bouquet of flamboyant roses or a basket of colorful roses, where pastel colors predominate. 


The Lilly symbolize beauty, femininity, and sincerity. In white color, they represent purity and innocence. Hence, a bouquet of Lilies is the perfect choice when you wish to convey that your friendship is pure, selfless and unconditional. If you want to patch-up things after a serious argument, let this bouquet speak for itself. A good message on the card will achieve better effects than your own words. Even if your friend is very angry or upset with you, it’ll help you pave the way and lead a conversation. 

Varied bouquets

If you don’t know which one to choose, or if you prefer to send something mixed, we offer a wide-ranging seasonal bouquets that are the perfect arrangement for your need. 

Don’t wait any longer, if you want to send flowers at home to a friend anywhere in US and Canada, Telefleuriste flower delivery offers you the best options and quick delivery in Austin city, Boston, and Washington. Choose a bouquet of flowers that you like the most and place your order. You can even ask us to arrange a card that speak your words, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We promise you to make the delivery of flowers at the time you indicate. Contact us if you need to send flowers urgently. 

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