Ficus Bush
$81.95 $71.95

Want to add a beautiful rich green color to a home or office? This impressive ficus bush will really..

Parlor Palm
$89.95 $78.95

This plant enjoys indirect light, making it perfect for most indoor settings. With its impressive he..

$110.95 $96.95

This beautiful plant, with its dark green leaves, grows into a large tree. Send one to someone speci..

Spathiphyllum (large)
$82.95 $72.95

This floor-sized plant with its shiny dark green leaves produces striking white lily-like flowers al..

Spathiphyllum Plant
$82.95 $72.95

Celebrating or giving thanks? This decorative plant with its lovely flowers and shiny leaves will ma..

Spathiphyllum small
$57.95 $50.95

This version with its shiny dark green leaves, also produces striking white lily-like flowers. Perfe..

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