16 Special Flowers and Their Meaning

16 Special Flowers and Their Meaning

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16 Special Flowers and Their Meaning

16 Special Flowers and Their Meaning

You’re in love, and things are moving forward just the way you want them to. It’s the perfect time for you to express your love, and you want your loved one to feel special. If you’re one of those who like to keep it simple yet special, then you can simply present an exquisite bouquet, without having to think much. Just visit Telefleuriste for flower delivery in Toronto, and there you will find beautiful arrangements. Just pay and you enjoy the appreciation of your beloved one anyway. 


Ah, you're still here! How nice! So you really are looking for inspiration. We hope that this mini-guide that we’ve prepared, serves to inspire you. It’s common to think that only red roses can express our love impulse, but I have news for you, it’s not only red roses that can express it.

So We Have:

1. Lilies

They’re a symbol of love, a way of telling who you like to cheer up your days with. The white color speaks of a tender and trusting love. The yellow says: It makes me happy to love you. The pink ones symbolize youth and rejoicing. The mauves talk about how their eyes drive you crazy and express your desire for seduction. The reds are to affirm a fiery love, and the orange says: I'm in love with you.

2. Carnations

They symbolize "impudence" to say things as we think about them. A good way to give your message to your best friend or loved one. The whites reveal a strong and sincere friendship. The reds speak of passion. The pink ones say I love you in a fiery way.

3. Margaritas

Always considered as a symbol of innocence and purity. They can also give other messages depending on their colors. The pink ones speak of innocent or very timid love, ideal to confess your feelings if it’s rejection that you fear. The yellows are a vote of loyalty. A combination of white and pink hits the target saying: "I only have eyes for you".

4. Begonia

This is an eccentric flower. A pink tone means that the relationship is on the right track. The white speaks of sincere friendship. The yellow of a friendship that has begun. The orange of a friendship that stands the test of time and the red of a strong friendship.

5. Chrysanthemum

 Its literal meaning is the flower of gold. It represents joy and wisdom.

6. Dalia

It’s the flower that is given a symbol of gratitude. The pink ones, mainly, are a commitment to make the other person happy.

7. Freesia

They’re delicate flowers that are found in many colors, but white is iconic. They represent friendship and innocence. They’re characterized by their exquisite aroma and long life after the purchase.

8. Lotus flower

It’s an aquatic plant whose meaning is linked to the spirituality, mainly in the Buddhist religion. It represents the purity of the body and soul.

9. Sunflower

It means "you are my sun", it represents the sun, the power, the strength, and the pursuit of your goals.

10. Geranium

The geranium is joy, especially related to the happiness of spending time with another person. Its red color talks about constantly thinking about the other person.

11. Hydrangeas

These flowers are quite unique in the sense that their one side is pretty, but the other not so much. Because it’s a plant that grows in dark and humid places, it represents some sort of loneliness. However, in recent years its beauty has returned to fame and are highly appreciated for its spiritual charge. In Japan, they’re the favorite flowers to decorate gardens and bridges. Now, they’re being symbolized as the path to paradise.

12. Magnolia

In China, it means nobility of spirit and purity, and in Japan, it represents the love of nature, while in Mississippi and Louisiana, and it represents victory.

13. Orchid

Evokes love and sensuality. The red orchid means passion and sexual desire. The yellow, eroticism; white, purity; and the pink ones signify female sensuality.

14. Peony

This flower symbolizes shyness. It’s ideal for people who are too shy to say "I love you". Peony gives you a chance to express your love in a very unique way.

15. Tulip

It’s a promise of sincere love. It symbolizes an honest romantic declaration and a commitment to a successful relationship.

16. Roses

And finally, we’ve come to that group of flowers which you’ve been waiting for. The white rose talks about romanticism and fidelity. The lavender ones mean your crush on the other one. The pink ones confess a lovely and sweet feeling. And the red rose speaks of all the ardent love that the other person inspires you, they’re a revelation of carnal love, passion, and desire. It’s the quintessential symbol of love. A red rose speaks of intense passion, of ardent and even platonic love. 

A combination of red and white roses will give an eternal message to your loved one. So, what are you waiting for? Book your favorite bouquet with Calgary flower delivery and make your loved one feel special. 

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